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Here are some of the MASSIVE additional features included.   Everything you need to run a hands off lead company.  Literally spends only a few hours a day or LESS.  This script simplifies and automates things so you dont have to!  The ease of use for members will have them filling your PayPal with account filling cash!

  • Premade Lead Template Customized to your Niche.  Or you can bring your own template and plug in PHP includes for Lead Form, Member Sign Up Form, and FAQs System.
  • BUILT IN Lead Selling System (Sell leads to lead buyers) Sell Exclusive or Non Exclusive Leads!
  • Form creation script.  (System designs your forms on the fly and reformats the system.) System automatically collects common user information, up to 10 additional questions can be added. You can set which questions are viewable on lead form and hidden on lead cherry picker. Lead forms come with built in captcha to prevent bogus lead submission by bots.
  • System stores all data in MySQL Database for easy management and history reporting.
  • Exclusive Lead Delivery System (Delivers live leads to the buyers)  Delivered via email live and entered into the buyers database.  System delivers leads based on zip code filter and micro-niche filter.
  • Undeliverable leads placed in Lead Cherry Picker where buyers can come in and buy undistributed leads with a click of a buy button
  • Set pricing of exclusive leads and daily price degradation on aged leads and promotions. System does all the auto calculations.
  • Built in Content Management system (Add/Edit/Delete/Unpublish pages with a click if you are using our template, to have CMS installed on your template is quoted work)
  • Built in WYSIWYG Editor in Content Manager (Never FTP again!)
  • Built in edit profiles script, members can enter contact info and when a lead is matched to them there info is displayed to the user and emailed to the user.  Full BIOs can be entered in member backoffice using WYSIWYG Editor
  • System is ready to accept live leads from 3rd parties such as leadpile, integrate, etc
  • PayPal Payments Automation (Members can put money into their account and paypal automatically hands off payment data and amounts into members account)  100% hands free!! We can add a different processor, work is quoted.
  • Register Call in leads from admin
  • Lead dispute system (For lead buyers)
  • Lead dispute management system (Approve or Deny disputes, automatically comp bad leads)
  • Cpanel2 Domain Hosting Platform
  • FAQ Script (Allows you to Manage FAQs in an organized fashion)
  • Lead Import Script (Import leads to work or sell, CSV files)
  • Add notes to leads (Buyers can add notes to purchased contacted leads)
  • Admin Access Pages for admin and member pages for buyers (System Detects Owners from users)
  • Campaign Manager Script (Allows you to calculate your losses and profits from your advertising)
  • Set comps for deposits, system will add your desired amount into members account on deposit
  • Backup System
  • Website Statistics
  • Add Meta Tags to each page in CMS
  • Member Snapshot Script (See what members information and activity at all time)
  • Ban User Script (Allows you to ban problematic users)
  • Recent business dashboard (System will give you a snapshot of all recent activity when you log in)
  • Manually edit Users, Leads, Transaction Reports, and more
  • Sell exclusive zip code territories and a user will receive your provisioned amount of leads for a prepaid amount.  Campaign delivers leads until contracted amount is filled then member is returned to round robin lead distribution
  • Add funds script (Built in ATM that collects payments, set minimum deposits at $30 or $1000)
  • Password Retrieval Script
  • Lead Management, Transaction Management for members (EVERYTHING IS RECORDED!)




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